Change awaits you

Often times when we struggle, there is an opportunity waiting to be realized.  I am here to help you discover that opportunity and create lasting change through EMDR and Brainspotting psychotherapy.  
The latest neurobiological research has shown us that our bodies and brains are wired for resilience and adaptive change.  The proper facilitating environment for uncovering these innate, wired-in resources is the relationship between client and therapist.

The experience of open engagement and connection between client and therapist can be life changing.  Clients feel strengthened and renewed.  Clients discover potential for growth and transformation that they never thought possible.
I believe that transformation is possible by harnessing the healing power of the present experience between client and therapist.  This relationship awakens and activates our self-healing and self-righting capacities.  Past trauma is resolved.  As a result, one’s true self emerges and is known.