Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

It’s great to have those “aha” moments in sessions with Hannah and even better to put them into practice in real life.  Therapy should be tailored to the individual.  Hannah tailors treatment to individual client needs, personality, experience of oppression, cultural background, sexual identity, relationship and family makeup, and trauma history.

Hannah works "experientially," meaning that she expertly guides clients in connecting (bodily) to their feelings rather than just talking like in traditional “talk therapy.”  Cutting-edge research in neurobiology, trauma, and attachment indicates that this approach is the most effective and efficient technique in fostering emotional health and wellness.

Hannah works “relationally” because she believes it is her job as therapist to be present and right there with her clients, providing support and care, guidance, clinical expertise, and acceptance as they move through the process of recovery, healing, and transformation.